Professional QuickBooks Consulting Services by Certified QB Consultants


Focus CPA Group is a leading resource for QuickBooks consulting services in the Brea, CA area. We partner with small businesses to oversee their accounting and bookkeeping needs including the software configuration and providing ongoing support via phone or email.

Our experience setting up QuickBooks for businesses of all shapes and sizes enables us to anticipate and head off any problems during the setup process so you can hit the ground running with your new accounting software. From installation and initial creation of invoice templates and your chart of accounts to full-service QuickBooks support to correct data entry mistakes and answer questions, we offer everything small business owners need to use QuickBooks to its full potential.

As our client, we’ll do more than get you comfortable with basics of using the QuickBooks platform. We’ll make sure you develop the skills needed to extract the accurate and valuable financial data you need to precisely track expenses, manage cash flow, and run your business efficiently. With our assistance, you’ll never be in the dark when it comes to your finances.

QuickBooks Consulting for Small Businesses

We’re QuickBooks consultants that can help you get setup quickly and easily. Call us at 562-281-1040 to get started now or request your free consultation online.

What is QuickBooks Consulting?

QuickBooks Consulting is like having a financial expert for your business. Certified consultants help you navigate QuickBooks, ensuring your finances are organized and growing. QuickBooks consulting can help you attain financial success with ease. It’s a great way to gain expert advice and achieve your financial goals in no time.

QuickBooks is a widely-used accounting software that helps businesses manage their finances efficiently. It enables users to track income and expenses, generate financial reports, handle payroll, and streamline various accounting tasks in one place!

3 P’s Of QuickBooks Consulting Services

Common QuickBooks Problems That Consultants Resolve

Trouble with Setup

Consultants assist in setting up QuickBooks correctly for your business needs.

Data Entry Errors

They fix mistakes and guide you to input data accurately.

Bank Reconciliation Challenges

Consultants help reconcile your accounts for a clear financial picture.

Software Customization

Tailoring QuickBooks to match your unique business requirements.

Reporting Issues

Consultants ensure you can generate accurate and insightful reports for sound decision-making.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hiring a QuickBooks consultant ensures you use the software seamlessly, avoid errors, and optimize its features to boost your business’s financial health.
No! QuickBooks consulting caters to businesses of all sizes, ensuring tailored financial solutions for everyone, big or small.
Absolutely! QuickBooks consultants can assist you remotely, making it convenient for you to get expert guidance without leaving your workspace
Look for certified QuickBooks consultants with a track record of helping businesses like yours. Experience, certification, and a solid understanding of your industry are key.
Yes, QuickBooks supports integration with various apps. A consultant can help streamline the process, ensuring a seamless connection with the tools you’re already using.

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